R314 - 2023-09-01

Brand new Cohort Comparison Feature & More

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New Cohort Comparison Feature

When creating Cohorts of users it often becomes valuable to understand what events users from one Cohort are doing more or less frequently than another Cohort. Kubit has created a way to do this directly in the Cohort builder. We will compare these two cohorts by using Average Events per User.

When building a Cohort and you want to compare it against another, simply add another Cohort to your analysis, select the date range you want to Compare and click "Compare".

Cohort Compare Results

The resulting chart will give you the following information:

  • Top 100 or Bottom 100 Events for the first Cohort, we call it "Cohort A". This is determined by sorting the Ratio of Avg Events per User between the two Cohorts.

  • The name of the events in the Top or Bottom events per user.

  • Cohort A information and the Avg Events per User for that Cohort.

  • Cohort B information and the Avg Events per User for that Cohort.

  • The Ratio of Cohort A vs. Cohort B with smart coloring to quickly show events Cohort A performs more often (Green) or less often (Red) than Cohort B.

A short video showing a user exploring a cohort comparison table in Kubit

You are only able to compare 2 cohorts at this time.

Default of Sequence in Funnel Order

Previously when building a Funnel we defaulted the Order of that Funnel to "Any". We found that most users actually want the Funnel to be a "Sequence" and to streamline the Funnel creation we've updated "Sequence" as the default.

Improved Breakdown Groups Display

Originally you were able to see up to 8 Breakdown groups in various chart types. We've updated this experience to now display up to 20 (depending on window size) Breakdown groups.

Additionally we've improved the look and feel of these groups display and color theory when highlighting them on a chart.

Improved Coloring on Funnel Charts

Previously Funnel charts had separate colors for each step of a funnel, and using a breakdown group created more colors to navigate. We've simplified this design and will now display:

  • All steps of a Funnel with no Breakdown as a single color

  • Each Breakdown Group has their own color and it will persist for all steps within that group

Short video of a user showing different funnel colors in Kubit

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