R316 - 2023-09-14

New Measure Filters

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Measure Filters

Measure Filters allow you to easily exclude outliers, especially when breaking down ratios. Let's consider the following example:

It's a simple ratio broken down by Country and interestingly there are some very high ratios:

Taking a closer look we can see the reason for the high ratios are the very low denominators. And this is the whole problem we are trying to solve here, very often when analyzing huge volumes of data there will be these outliers which creep up the order and prevent us from seeing the actual patterns clearly.

Let's apply a Measure Filter to remove all ratios where B < 100, so we can get a more representative order.

And sure enough, we get a very different top ratios from a different set of countries.

Note how all the B measure values are > 100:

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