R321 - 2023-10-19

Compare Mode in Query, new Help Menu

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Compare Mode in Query

Want to compare how a metric has changed over time? You can now leverage the Compare feature in Query to achieve that!

There are multiple options you can leverage from the Compare dropdown:

  • Previous Week/Month/Quarter/Year - shortcuts to select a previous period based on the current report's date range

  • Custom - which allows you to manipulate the end date for the previous period and the start date is adjusted based on the length of the current report's date range

When using Compare any metrics for the previous period will be displayed as a dotted line on the chart, while the metrics for the current period will be displayed as a regular line, as shown here:

But even better, when you switch the Query result from Line Chart to Numeric you will also see the % change and that will make your Dashboards even more awesome:

Help Menu

The Help Menu has been moved to the top right:

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