R325 -2023-11-16

Custom Alert Monitors, Improved Drag-N-Drop in Dashboards and Data Tables in Beta.

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Custom Alert Monitors in Query

When a Query is monitoring critical KPIs it's important to be alerted when a measure or compound measure dips below or above a certain threshold. Previously Kubit detected these anomalies using our own model but now you are able to set thresholds yourself!

A short video showing the custom alerts feature in Kubit.

When creating a schedule for the Query report, follow the same flow of:

  • Naming the Schedule

  • Setting the refresh timeframe

  • Adding recipients to the emails of that Report and any Alerts

The newly added functionality allows you to set thresholds of when an alert will fire on a given day.

  • Click "Custom Threshold Met"

  • Input the parameters, meaning if any value on the chart is Above/Below a specific number.

  • You can also set Alerts based on % change from the previous day by adding a Comparison Analysis to your Query.

Improved Drag-N-Drop in Dashboards

We all have run into the headache of moving items around on a dashboard... but Kubit heard your feedback and have released an improved version of the drag-n-drop!

A short video showing the drag-n-drop on a dashboard.

Data Tables (BETA)

Introducing a new visualization similar to tablular reporting in a Pivot Table. Simply add your Measures and Compound Measures to provide the calcuation values, then pivot based on Breakdowns and Segments.

This is currently in BETA and more improvements will be released over the coming weeks. Please provide any feedback to us!

To use a Compound Measure in Data Tables click the "M" at the top of the measure and select a saved Compound Measure. If you need to make a new one for the chart please build it in Query, save it and use it here.

Save Cohort Button Change

To clean up the UI of our Cohort report we've changed the steps to save a Cohort. You now have the ability to save the definition at the top right corner, similar to saved measures and filters.

Or you can save the Cohort definition once the Inspect chart has finished computing.

Short video showing where cohort save is located in Kubit.

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