Data Table

Create tabular reporting using saved Measures, Compound Measures and up to 5 breakdowns

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Introducing a new visualization similar to tabular reporting in a Pivot Table. Simply add your Measures and Compound Measures to provide the calculation values, then pivot based on Breakdowns and Segments.

Use Cases for Data Table:

  • Only interested in measures aggregated and side by side, no lines/bars.

  • Allows for multiple breakdowns (up to 5) similar to a Pivot Table in Excel or Tableau.

  • See ALL the data

Building a Data Table

Data Table is similar to Query in that it's made of Measures, Compound Measures and the standard filters/breakdown/segments.

  • Select the Measures you want to see aggregated by building them directly within the data table.

  • Select Saved Measures by clicking "Measure Options" and then "Add Named Measure" and select the one you want to use.

Note that you are only able to build Compound Measures in Query. Once you Save them you'll be able to select them in Data Table.

Data Table Results

Once executed the result will be a pivoted view of:

  • Rows for each breakdown group you've applied.

  • Columns for each Measure you've selected

  • Additional columns for any Segments you've applied.

You are able to search, sort and format the items within the Data Table. You can also Rename the columns to make sure it's clear what the Measure represents.

Additional Options

You are also able to:

  • Add the Data Table to a Dashboard

  • Export the Table to a CSV

  • Reset any sort or search filters applied

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