R350 - 2024-05-09

Math Formulas in Measures, Clone Dashboard with Filters, Move Columns and Favorite Items

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Math Formulas in Query

We can now use math formulas to make Compound Measures. Previously, we could only add or divide measures. Now, we have the ability to specify a formula and add, subtract, multiply, or divide measures.

Supported operators will be +, -, /, *

For a full list of functions check out the new Formulas Reference Documentation!

+ Addition

- Subtraction

/ Division

* Multiplication

A + B

A - B

A / B

A * B

Example functions include:

  • min(A,B)/C - is the minimum value between measure A and B, divided by measure C

  • pow(A, 2) - A raised to the power of 2

  • ifnull(A, 1.5) - if A is NULL, then return 1.5

  • ceil, round, floor are utilities for formatting the result measure; round(A, 3) - round A rounds A to a 3rd number of decimal places

  • sum(A,B,C) is a shortcut for A+B+C

Formulas are now specified at the bottom of the measures section in the Query report type.

Clone Dashboard with Filters Applied

Building a Template Dashboard is great when users want to see the same logic but just apply filters to see a specific experiment, platform or release version. Now in Kubit you're able to apply Dashboard Filters and Clone the Dashboard with those filters applied.

Favorite Content

Named Measures, Filters, Cohorts, Fields, and Events can now be favorited. A new star icon next to the content can be clicked to add any of these to a "Favorites" category in the user interface.

The Favorite items are unique to you and will not appear as favorites to other users

This keeps all of your collections of most commonly used items together for ease of use. The "Favorites" section functions like a tag.

Drag and Drop Table Cell Headers

Cell Headers in the Query report type can be moved around now. This allows you to customize visualizations that come from your reports and better organize your data.

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