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Here are a few more tips when building amazing funnels!

Overall When Using Breakdown Groups

When you use Breakdowns in Funnel it shows the results based on the Starting or Global value of that breakdown group across the steps. This can be very helpful when understanding attribution or content that drives conversion. When you do this it's important to know how you want to compare these.

  • You can compare just the Breakdown groups against each other, so all users end up in at least one group.

  • You can compare each group and Overall which gives you the total conversion rates for all users.

    • This is great when you need a baseline to compare against.

    • You can enable this by turning the Overall switch to "on" and when it shows blue you will see an Overall group as well as the Breakdown groups.

Compare conversion rate between multiple breakdown groups

If you want to compare the conversion rate between multiple groups along a period of time it becomes difficult to plot all the data in one chart, as we need to plot the time on one axis (1), the step conversion rates on the other (2) and then we need one more dimension for the Breakdown groups (3).

You are able to select the most important breakdown groups and see them side by side as well as hide ones that aren't as valuable. Also comparing against Overall is a great way to measure improvements over baselines.

A short video of comparing funnels in Kubit

Re-order steps using drag-n-drop

When building a funnel you may need to re-order steps when using a "Sequence" or "Exact" Order. In Kubit you're able to drag and drop steps and re-order them as needed.

Extending Time Window

At the bottom of Funnel chart controls you will notice a dropdown button with "Event" and a "+" option for day(s).

This can be used to extend the time range of your funnel to allow for longer conversion windows depending on your use case. For example if you're trying to understand "Trial" to "Renewal" this will extend the time to convert from the "Trial" event by x number of days.

Screenshot of the extend time window feature in Kubit

There are two ways you can analyze this in Funnel:

  • Event: Start counting conversion from the date the user performed the first Step of the funnel. This is the default as it's most commonly how funnels are evaluated.

    • Adding additional days will extend the days you allow the user to be considered converted.

    • Here is an example:

      • By setting Partition = None and adding an Extending Time Window you tell Funnel to group results by the date of the starting step event occurrences and look for the conversion steps until the end of the date range + the Extending Time Window.

  • Install: By changing it to Install at the bottom the chart will only show you users who installed (first seen) your product during the time range you've selected.

    • The extended time window you select applies to how many days after install you are allowing those users to perform Step 1 of your funnel.

    • Here is an example:

      • If I set it to Install and 0 days this means they installed and performed Step 1 in the same day.

      • Install with 30 means they installed your product and did Step 1 on days 0-30 etc.

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