R322 - 2023-10-27

Dashboard and Dictionary improvements

Updated over a week ago

Lock Dashboard

Dashboards are a place to collaborate and naturally also a place where honest mistakes can happen. If you want to make sure your Dashboard won't be accidentally modified by somebody else you can now lock it from the icon next to the dashboard name:

  • Once locked, the Dashboard is read-only (no option to Edit or Add charts).

  • Only the user who created the Dashboard can lock and unlock it.

Display Table on Dashboard

Kubit now supports Table view for Query charts on the Dashboard, you can switch to table view using the button shown below:

Save Compound Measures

Until this release Kubit would only allow Simple Measures to be saved, that is one function over events with an optional filter applied. But there's also what we call Compound Measure, which are a type of Measure that involves two or more other Simple Measures. Now you can also save Compound Measures so you can easily build a set of queries where the same measure is segmented by different dimensions or cohorts.

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