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R357 - 2024-06-27

Inspect and make Cohorts from All Measures, make Virtual Events with "Any", use the Log function in Formula

Updated over a week ago

Just Launched: Significance Reports!

  • Kubit has released a brand new Report called Significance! You will see it as a new report option in the left hand navigation under Reports.

  • Kubit’s Significance Report offers statistical insights to verify if a finding in a Measure, Query, Funnel or Retention is significant (“whether a result is likely due to chance or to some factor of interest”).

  • Read More about it in our Help Doc and please share any feedback with us as you explore!


Inspect and make Cohorts from Any Measure

Previously, when making Compound Measures, it was only possible to inspect the Compound Measure Result or make a Cohort from it. Now, All Measures can be right clicked, Expanded, and then Inspected or made into a Cohort.

Make Virtual Events with "Any" Event

When making Virtual Events, it was previously not possible to make a Virtual Event based off of the "Any" Event. Now, we can make a Virtual Event with the "Any" Event, so long as there is a filter defined with it.

Log Function in Formula

The log function is now available when building compound formulas. The syntax is as follows: LOG(<base>, <measure variable>).

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