R343 - 2024-03-21

Update Event Descriptions within Kubit's UI and improvements to Retention

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Update Event Descriptions from Dictionary

You are now able to modify Event, Measure, Virtual Event or Saved filter descriptions directly in the Dictionary UI! Simply click the Description field and update the information as needed.

If you are sharing your Event Descriptions via your Cloud Data Warehouse you will not be able update them via the UI so we preserve the source of truth.

Virtual Events, Filters and Measures will be editable in the UI however.

See Event Descriptions in the Report Builder

You'll see those newly added descriptions in the Report builder when you hover over those items. This is great for adding context and confidence to end users and making sure they use the correct item in their analysis.

In order to modify descriptions you must have 'Edit' permissions on the object. I.e. if you try to update a Virtual Event but don't have permissions to edit them you will not be able to.

Average Retention Row

Currently in Retention you see each Cohort's retention rate broken out, this can make it challenging to know "What is my Average Day 1 Retention?" unless you execute another Retention report.

Now Kubit has included an Average Row at the top of the Retention Box visualization so you see both Average and each Cohorts' individual Retention Rate.

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