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R347 - 2024-04-18

Updates to Scheduling date handling

Updated this week

Lock Start Date for Chart & Dashboard Schedules

You can now lock start dates for Chart and Dashboard Schedules. When setting up a schedule there's a new toggle that allows you to pick a date on a Chart or Dashboard.

Previously, when you scheduled a Chart or Dashboard, the Schedule window would move forward by whatever the time interval selected was. For example, if you had a week of data and it was scheduled to run every day, the data would roll forward by a day every time it was run.

Now, when selecting a locked Start Date for a Chart or Dashboard, this allows the Chart/ Dashboard to append dates on the end rather than rolling the whole window forward.

  • For any Schedule using locked Start Dates, a day, a week, or a month will be appended to the date range with each run.

  • The time added is controlled by the frequency at which you choose to run the Schedule, as shown in the top red box of the screenshot below..

This happens until there is a 30 day window between the locked Start Date chosen and the appended end date. Once there is the 30 days between the start and end date, the whole window rolls forward by the time selected in the top red box.

Lock Start Date Use Cases

Why should you use this new feature? We heard that some use cases like a feature launch, product experiment or campaign launch may require a start date to be persisted and new data added to monitor the roll out.

Once you create the report or dashboard you're now able to set it and forget it, scheduling a refresh and appending new data with the "Start Date Locked".

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