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Collaborate on specific insights in Workspace

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A Workspace is a place to put all the insights together and collaborate to find the answer visually. Every analysis/report can be added to a Workspace through the Add To button at the top right of any Report.

Workspace feels like Slack for Analytics.

  • In the center is the Board to layout different charts together: `Edit Workspace` allows you to drag-n-drop charts to arrange them in rows and columns.

  • For every chart, others can see the Report definition (mouse over the info icon). Similar to how you'd do this in Dashboards.

  • The message channels are on the right side where the default channel is public, and you can click on each user's avatar to talk in a private channel.

  • You're able to @ mention team members and they will receive an email with the Workspace you've mentioned them in.


One picture is worth a thousand words. Click on the little camera button on the board, select an area on the screen, then start drawing your points on the image. You can also add texts to make your point. How easy this is comparing to describing a chart in an email?

Use Workspace to save work in progress

While you are working on an analysis you would sometimes need to tweak and re-execute it multiple times. In case you want to save a work in progress analysis to continue working on it later, one of the ways to do so is to create a Workspace for your work in progress.

Workspace vs Dashboard

Any reports added to Workspace will be a snapshot. Unlike Dashboard, date ranges will not be updated automatically to show you the latest results. Instead, all report settings are preserved, including the date range.

Adding Reports to a Workspace

Any report can be added to a Workspace from the `Add to` button.

A copy of the report is added to the Workspace and you can modify the report settings there without affecting the original analysis.

Deleting Reports from a Workspace

There is an Action menu for every report on the Workspace. From there you can select `Delete from Workspace` to remove a report from the Workspace. Note that the original analysis is not deleted and existing links to it will continue to work.

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