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R356 - 2024-06-20

Add Rich Text to Dashboards and the Quick Access Dictionary

Updated this week

Add Rich Text to Dashboards

You can now add Rich Text to your dashboards. This includes features like controlling font size, bolding, italicizing, underlining, highlighting, line alignment, bulleted and numerical lists, indentation, headers, and linking.

To make rich text available on your dashboard, edit your dashboard via the three dot menu in the top right, click "Edit Dashboard", scroll to the bottom of the Dashboard, click "Add Content", then "Text". From there a place to type will pop up and you can enter whatever text you wish. These Rich Text bubbles can be moved around the dashboard like Reports.

Follow this link to see more information about Dashboards.

Quick Access Dictionary

The Quick Access Dictionary gives users access to the Dictionary from the Report tab. This is available through the book pop-out icon in the top right corner of any report. This should be found just below your user icon.

Users are able to see and search Events, Measures, Fields, and Cohorts. Each tab has several options by which your dictionary items are sorted:

  • Events tab contains drop downs for All Events, Virtual Events, Favorited Events, and Tags

  • Measures tab has drop downs for All Measures, Favorited Measures, and Tags.

  • Fields tab has drop downs for All Fields, Named Filters, Favorited Fields, and Tags.

  • Cohorts tab has drop downs for All Cohorts, Favorited Cohorts, and Tags.

Each item in the dictionary can be clicked to show which tags it's associated with, its description, and includes a star so it can be easily favorited.

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