R346 - 2024-04-11

Removed Info icon from builder and simplified Replace button for dashboard edits.

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Info Icon Removed from Report Headers in Builder

Previously, Reports on a Dashboard, in the Report Builder, and in the Cohort Builder all had the Info Icon in their headers, as seen below. The information icon gives users details about how the report is built.

Now, when building any type of report or a cohort, the information icon will not show in the header while in the Report and Cohort Builder activities. The info icon will still appear in a report's header when it is added to a dashboard.

This change decreases any visual clutter and helps to avoid confusion. Since the content used to build a report or cohort is already in the builder activity, we don't need to see the same information in the icon.

Replacing Reports on a Dashboard

We've streamlined the Replace in Dashboard button now to now just say "Replace" on the Report Builder.

Similar to the previous workflow, you can click the Information Icon in a Report Header on any Dashboard, then click "Show in Report".

Then, you will make your changes in the Report Editor and re-Execute. From there, you'll be able to click the "Replace" button to update the Report on the Dashboard.

This change establishes a clear and simple workflow for replacing content on Dashboards.

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