R334 - 2024-01-19

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New Event Selection Experience

To make finding and organizing your events easier we've updated the look and feel of our event selection widget. You will now see different categories of events to delineate:

  • All Events - A grouping of all events available to select in Kubit

  • Basic Events - Ones you are sharing with Kubit from your data

  • Virtual Events - Events you define in Kubit using our Virtual Events feature

Once you hover over the Event you've selected you'll also see a pop-out window displaying the event description (if populated).

Showing the event description is available for customers with our Dictionary add-on, if you'd like to leverage this please reach out to your CSM.

A short video showing the new event widget in Kubit

You can still add multiple events to the Event selection by simply re-opening the selection widget and picking additional events.

New Report Description in Dashboard

When you add reports to a dashboard it can be very important to also have some context or description around what that report is trying to communicate. Previously you could update descriptions in Kubit but they were hidden from first view on a Dashboard.

Now you are able to update this information directly on the Dashboard and it's much easier to see as users browse the information.

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